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Launch and Sell Your First Online Course with Coursio - Step 3/3

Step 3 Launching and selling the course with Coursio - Checkoff our checklist and start selling!

In this last step we recommend looking at our checklist to see if you are ready to launch:

  1. Finalize the Course name - Once launched, refrain from altering the course name as it can affect the URL link, your course's online address. Choose a concise, descriptive name that aptly represents your course's content or aligns with its ultimate objectives for the intended audience.

  2. Pick a Course Picture - People should recognize your course instantly. Choose a main picture that matches your course vibe and brand. Keep future course images in a similar style for a consistent look.

  3. Set the Price - Deciding how much your course costs is a big deal. Avoid undervaluing your course; consider a slightly higher initial price point to allow for potential adjustments downward. Utilize discount codes for special campaigns. For beginner or shorter courses, pricing could hover around $39-$59 USD, while longer or intermediate-level courses might range from $49 to $100 USD. Specialized or niche courses may warrant a price tag upwards of $100 USD, reflecting their unique value propositions and targeted audiences. Read more about setting a price for your course by clicking here.

  4. Set duration of access - The duration of access to your course can significantly influence its pricing. When setting up your course in the settings before its launch, you'll decide how long users will have access. Our platform offers several duration options: One month, Three months, Six months, One year, 18 months and Two years. Typically, a one-year access duration is popular for beginner and intermediate courses, presenting a compelling selling point: 'Take your time - you get a whole year to complete it!' However, the optimal access duration largely depends on the course's subject matter.

  5. Craft a Compelling Course Description - Summarize your course content in a compelling and concise description that grabs attention. Focus on highlighting the unique benefits, key learning outcomes, and what makes your course stand out from the rest. Start by drafting a full-page description, then refine it by trimming the content in half, repeating this process until you've distilled it into the most compelling and engaging summary possible. Add this onto the Course store page by navigating to menu - edit store - Course name. If you need further instructions read our FAQ and watch the video below.

  6. Seek Feedback - Share your course material and/or revised Course summaries with someone you trust, whether it's a colleague, a mentor, or your contact at Coursio. Gather feedback to fine-tune your description further, ensuring it resonates powerfully with potential learners, enticing them to explore and enroll in your course.

  7. Check if you have enough Engaging Course Content: Ensure your content is well-structured, engaging, and offers value to your learners. Use a mix of multimedia elements like videos, pictures, tasks, quizzes, or interactive assignments to keep learners hooked. See if you got good feedback on the content and adjust if needed.

  8. Make the course public - After you hit the public button you can now sell it in your Store through Coursio. Navigate to the menu - Click Show store - Click on your course name - copy the URL link from the browsers website address field and use this link in your social media, website, campaigns and etc.

  9. Plan a Marketing Strategy - Map out how you'll promote your course. Consider using social media, email campaigns, or collaborations with influencers to reach your target audience effectively.

  10. Bonus: Design your store front - This step becomes relevant when you've curated multiple courses within your platform. It serves as a window for your audience to explore and browse through the array of courses you offer.

Get these steps sorted, and your course will be all set to make a great entrance, grabbing attention and delivering value!

Follow your sales journey - Launch and sell the online course with Coursio

Congratulations 🎉 on the successful launch of your first course! It's time to observe, analyze, and revel in the growth of your sales. Take a moment to appreciate your achievements, but the journey doesn't end here.

Keep a close eye on your sales trends—identify peak periods and observe when your course resonates most with your audience. Stay committed to your marketing plan, but remain flexible. If you spot positive results or discover new strategies that work better, don't hesitate to pivot and adapt your approach.

Navigate to the right menu and click on insights to come to your sales page:

Consistency is key, so continue nurturing what's effective while innovating and experimenting with new ideas. Celebrate your wins, learn from your challenges, and remember, every step in your sales journey brings valuable insights that'll help you refine and elevate your future courses. Cheers to your ongoing success!

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