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How to Prepare Your First Online Course - Step 2/3

Step 2 The Course Creation! Maximizing Learning with Diverse Modules.

Once your course's blueprint, or "mind map," is in place, we recommend diving right into the Coursio platform tool. This hands-on approach gives you a tangible sense of how your course will come together. While you can start your initial writing in a Word document, integrating each chapter into Coursio as it's completed offers a smoother workflow. Through our experience, creators who gradually build their courses within Coursio tend to maintain a better grasp of the course's size and flow, minimizing potential pitfalls during creation.

Remember, regardless of your starting material, adapting it within Coursio is key to shaping it into an engaging online course.

When designing your course, embrace a mix of media modules – but how do you choose? Click the arrows to learn more:


Consider video or screen recordings to demonstrate procedures. And if you want to guide your students through the course. Create shorter videos for each chapter. Simply click "add module" and click on "video" module for seamless upload and pasting of links from example Vimeo or youtube.

Text and Photos



Downloadable files

Tasks - Checkmark questions

Tasks - Open question

Discussion Board - Engage students within the course

Embed - Use third-party solutions inside Coursio Course

The goal? Crafting an interactive learning experience that captivates and resonates with every learner.

Example of pages with a good variety of modules:

You have now completed step 2! Congrats! 🎉

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