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How to make an interactive image for your online course

Updated: Jan 11

Elevate your course's visual appeal and engagement using the embed module. Our top pick for creating captivating visuals? Look no further than – a trusted platform to craft stunning interactive images and elevate your online course experience.

Start transforming with Interactive images for online courses today and make learning an unforgettable journey!

Interactive images allow learners to click on specific areas for deeper insights, like exploring a world map with clickable locations. This boosts engagement and transforms learning into an immersive experience.

Interactive Images for Inspiration - Examples from their templates

Before we start, check out some templates below and get inspired! Ask yourself this, can I use any of these and make it my own with the material I have?

Hover your mouse over image:

Click on the circles to learn more:

Click on the numbers to hear sound:

Interactive images for Online courses - start
Interactive images for Online courses - start

Once logged in - Click on create genially - Click on interactive image

You can then create an interactive image from scratch by uploading a photo you have or choose from their templates and start replacing and rewriting. Take a look on how to add elements in their explainer video below:

As a Coursio customer feel free to contact us for help

Do you want to make an interactive image but having a hard time coming up with ideas? We can brainstorm together or help you out if you are struggling to create an interactive image. Email us at

"Please share your creations and results with us at Coursio! We love to get inspired and share feedback from learners so we can improve and grow together" – Content Manager Carina

How to add your interactive image to Coursio

When finished, you can now add your interactive image inside your course in Coursio!

  1. Make sure your image is public by hitting the present button in the top left corner. Now that it is in presentation mode you can make sure that the image is working as you would like it to.

  2. Go back to edit mode. Now click on the share button next to resent button on the top left corner. Click on insert, and copy the IFRAME link.

  3. In coursio, naviagte to the page where you like to add your interactive image to. click + sign or add module, choose embed icon. Paste the link and click the eye icon at the upper corner to see if all works well. If you are struggling with getting it to work please contact us so that we can assist you.

We're excited to witness your online course thrive, attract eager learners, and garner positive feedback!

Incorporating captivating interactive images is easy and free with the embed module. Explore the endless possibilities on and revolutionize your online course experience. Start today, and let your creativity shine!

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