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Discount codes in Coursio - When, Where and How?

Discount codes are the secret sauce in any successful course creator's toolkit. They hold the power to attract learners, boost enrollment numbers, and elevate engagement within your Coursio courses. But the key lies in strategic utilization. Let's explore when, why, and how to harness the potential of discount codes effectively.

WHEN? Strategic Timing for Discounts

Strategically timing your discounts is key, and the rates play a crucial role. Consider these examples:

  • Promotional Periods: During events like Black Friday or New Year, offering discounts ranging from 20% to 50% can attract a surge of learners eager to capitalize on limited-time deals. Example:

"This Black Friday, seize the opportunity to unlock a world of knowledge at an exclusive 40% off! Dive into our comprehensive courses designed to elevate your skills and empower your journey. Limited time only!"

  • Course Launches: For new course launches, introductory discounts around 15% to 30% create a buzz, incentivizing early sign-ups and generating excitement. Example:

"Embark on a learning adventure with our latest course! Enroll now and enjoy a special 20% introductory discount. Be among the first to join this insightful journey into [course topic]!"

  • Targeted Campaigns: Tailoring discounts to specific segments, such as alumni or partner organizations, with rates between 10% to 25%, builds rapport and encourages enrollments within these groups. Example:

"Exclusive offer for our loyal alumni! Reconnect with learning and get 15% off on our new course. Your journey towards mastering [course subject] awaits!"

Discount codes in Coursio aren't just about price reduction; they're about engaging learners and fostering growth. Experimentation is key! Test different strategies, analyze their impact, and tailor your discount approach to suit each course and audience segment.

WHERE? - Websites, Social media and on location

1. Websites:

Your website is a powerful platform to showcase and distribute discount codes. Consider placing them strategically in the following locations:

  • Homepage Banner: Grab the attention of visitors right away with a prominently displayed discount code on your homepage banner.

  • Pop-ups: Utilize exit-intent pop-ups or timed pop-ups to capture the attention of users before they leave your site.

  • Dedicated Discounts Page: Create a dedicated page on your website where visitors can easily find and access all available discount codes.

Feature a limited-time offer on the homepage banner with a code like "WEBVIP20" for an exclusive 20% off all courses.

2. Social Media:

Leverage the reach and engagement of your social media platforms to amplify your discount codes:

  • Posts and Stories: Share visually appealing posts and stories with engaging captions that highlight your discount codes.

  • Exclusive Social Media Campaigns: Run exclusive campaigns on social media platforms, encouraging users to follow, share, and engage for special discounts.

Create a buzz on Instagram with a story featuring the code "INSTA25" for a 25% discount on all courses, accessible for the next 48 hours.

3. On Location:

For a more localized approach, consider promoting discount codes in physical locations:

  • In-Person Events: If you participate in conferences, workshops, or trade shows, have printed materials with QR codes or direct discount information.

  • Local Partnerships: Collaborate with local businesses to display promotional materials or share discount codes in their physical spaces.

Attendees at an industry conference receive a flyer with a QR code leading to a landing page with the code "CONF2022" for an exclusive conference discount.

HOW? - Deciding Discount Rates

  • Membership Discounts: Offer a tiered discount system for subscribers or members, such as 10% off for basic members, 20% for premium members, and 30% for VIP members.

  • Bundled Course Discounts: Provide discounts for bundled courses, like 15% off when enrolling in two related courses together.

  • Limited-Seat Promotions: Create scarcity with discounts for a limited number of seats, like offering the first 50 enrollments a 25% discount.

  • Progressive Discounts: Consider staggered discounts, where completing one course offers a higher discount for the subsequent course (e.g., 20% off the second course after completing the first).

HOW? - To Craft Appealing Discount Codes

  • Seasonal/Holiday Codes: Generate codes like "JOLLY15" for a 15% Christmas discount or "SUMMER20" for a summer promotion.

  • Referral Codes: Encourage word-of-mouth by providing unique codes for existing learners to share with friends for mutual discounts.

  • Event-Specific Codes: Create codes linked to events or milestones, such as "GRADUATION25" for recent graduates or "WEBINAR20" for webinar attendees.

  • Social Media Codes: Engage social media followers with codes like "FOLLOWER10" for a 10% discount exclusive to your social media community.


HOW? - To Name your Discount Codes

Naming discount codes effectively involves creating memorable, relevant, and easy-to-understand codes that resonate with your audience. Here are some tips and examples on how to name your discount codes:

Be Descriptive: Use terms that reflect the discount's purpose or occasion. For instance:

"SPRINGSALE15" for a spring-themed 15% discount.

"NOVEMBERDEAL10" - Offering a discount throughout December.

Keep it Simple: Make the code easy to remember and type:

"MEMBER20" for a discount for loyal members.

Seasonal or Event-Driven Codes: Use dates, seasons, or events for time-bound discounts:

"BLACKFRIDAY50" for a 50% discount on Black Friday.

"SUMMERFUN" for a summer-themed promotion.

"HOLIDAYGIFT" for a discount during holiday seasons.

"CHRISTMAS25" - Offering a 25% discount during the Christmas season.

Personalized Codes: Tailor codes for specific groups or partnerships:

"PARTNER20" for a discount for partnering businesses.

"VIP30" for exclusive discounts for VIP customers.

Urgency-Inducing Codes: Create urgency to prompt immediate action:

"TODAYONLY" for a one-day flash sale.

"LIMITED25" for a limited-time 25% discount.

Branding Codes: Align codes with your brand or course names:

"COURSIOSAVE10" for a discount on Coursio courses.

"LEARNMORE15" for a 15% discount promoting learning.

Remember, the key is to create codes that are easy to remember, relevant to the promotion, and resonate with your audience. These examples demonstrate how naming discount codes strategically can increase engagement and encourage conversions by making the offer more enticing and memorable.


Download a step by step pdf guide on how to make a discount codes in Coursio:

Download PDF • 2.91MB

Inside Coursio Edit store - Discounts

Unlock the potential of discount codes in Coursio, and watch as they become not just promotional tools but catalysts for learning growth and engagement. Happy teaching and learning!

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