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Create an Online Course Using ChatGPT

Create an Online Course Using ChatGPT
Save time by using ChatGPT!

Ready to turn your knowledge into a thriving online course? Let's make it happen!

Step 1 Ask ChatGPT for help by giving it information

Go the website and sign up for free to start Creating Content for your Online Course. It works just like any chat/message app, but you are not writing to a person but an Ai robot called ChatGPT. When you have an account start by making a new chat and write this:

Can you help me make my online course about [strategic marketing]? Ask me 20 questions so you know how to get started

What you just did was called writing a prompt. Congrats! Wait a few seconds and you will get a response.

Chat GPT delivers like this:

Create an Online Course Using ChatGPT step 1

We answered 20 questions about a fitness course we would like to make and here are the results that ChatGPT came up with:

Create an Online Course Using ChatGPT step 2

Step 2 Modify results to your liking, give ChatGPT as much details as possible in a new prompt

You can easily modify ChatGPTs response by describing what result you want. Let it know what writing style you want, friendly, professional, short and straight to the point etc...

Here is what we wrote back for a simple start:

"Can you redo the structure so that they can start with the exercise plan on module 2? Based on week 1-7 beginners level and then 1-7 intermediate and 1-7 advance"

Create an Online Course Using ChatGPT step 3

Now that you have a structure, you are ready to build in Coursio!

Whenever you get stuck in writing you can simply copy what you are writing and ask ChatGPT, examples:

  • What do you think of my writing, is it too long and vague? (insert text right after)

  • Can you redo my text so it sounds even more exciting? (insert text right after)

  • I need to organize this up better could you give me 5 examples and motivate why I should use each version? (insert text right after)

  • I want the reader to feel creative and motivated after this chapter, help me write an ending to this part (insert text right after)

  • Based on my list of keywords please write me 200 words of text for an amazing course description. (insert keywords right after)

Thank you for reading our post about Creating an Online Course Using ChatGPT! Hope this helps you out in your course creation.

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